Which meter should I choose?

This comes down to personal preference. Broadly speaking, they all display progress of some kind. Let’s look at each one.

Thermometer #

Our most traditional meter, and ideal for charities and fundraising due to its well known design. This meter gently animates it’s progress up the scale. Looks great with milestones too. You can change the size of the thermometer, as well as it’s alignment.

Progress Bar #

The second most popular meter, with a beautifully smooth animation across the bar. Another meter suitable for milestones. This meter scales beautifully with it’s parent container, so works great with page builders.

Icon Progress Bar #

Similar to the normal progress bar, this bar allows you to upload a small icon or image that will travel along the meter. You can choose to add a trailing line to follow the icon. To use this type of progress bar, select Progress Bar as your meter type, and then select Bar with Icon under Visual Options. You will also find settings to change the trailing line color, as well as the background.

An Icon-based Progress Bar

Vertical Progress Bar #

Think normal progress bar, only standing vertically.

Scientific #

This meter has a more modern, sophisticated design. Like the thermometer, it animates progress upwards and looks great with milestones.

Radial #

A seriously clever meter. This design displays progress around a circle, filling up its outer edge, as it increases. Not suitable for milestones.

Infinite Meters #

You can find our Infinite meters under the Goalless Meters category. There are three types to choose from under Visual Options:

Inline #

Meters designed to sit inside existing text. The simplest form of Goalless meter, they simply animate the raised amount.

Basic #

These meters are designed as a separate counter. They can be used as a heading, or simply as a textual way of displaying current progress. You can also choose to display a total underneath. All text labels and colors can be changed to suit your existing use-case and styling.

Flip #

A heavily stylized meter, using a split-flap style.


Custom Meter #

This meter is simply incredible. It turns your company or organisation logo into a fully working progress meter. But not just your logo; you can use any image you want. A fundraising poster. A portrait of a loved one. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You can read more about using the custom meter here.