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Plugin Installation and Basic Setup.

Plugin Installation and Basic Setup


With our Plugin Installation and Basic Setup service, we will install and activate Ultimeter for you, and then create one meter to your specification. You will then be add the meter to any page, post or sidebar using the Ultimeter Block or a shortcode.

  • Default meter types only. We are not able to set up custom meters in this service.
  • Standard goal options only. We are not able to set up Enterprise Integrations in this service.

In the box below, please provide the following information:

  1. The meter type required
  2. The goal option required
  3. Any styling requirements
  4. Any milestones required (enter the label exactly, together with the percentage value)
  5. The goal amount and progress amount
  6. Anything else you think we may need to know. The more detail you go into, the less chance we will need to contact you, and so the faster the meter will be set up.

You will be asked for login information on the checkout page.