Get Started with Milestones

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Milestones let you display key progress labels along your Ultimeter. Not all meters are compatible with milestones.

There are no limits to the number of milestones you can create, but we recommend no more than three or four. This is to prevent the meter from looking too cramped. If you have a requirement for many milestones, get in touch with us for some further advice. We may be able to create a bespoke meter for you.

Adding a Milestone #

Firstly, enable the Milestone engine by selecting ‘yes’ in the button at the top of the panel.

Next, click ‘Add Milestone’. This will bring up a new panel. Give your milestone a label in the text box – this is what your milestone will ‘say’. You also need to provide a percentage. You may need to calculate the percentage if you are using a currency amount or a custom unit. If you need help, there are online percentage calculators available.

You can now click ‘update’ if you are happy with the milestone, or click ‘Add Milestone’ to add another. You can edit existing milestones, or delete them using the trash can icon at the top-right.